SPA-CLD: One-month course of blog writing training

SPA-CLD Center

One-month-long training on blog writing has come to an end and I would like to thank the Somali Public Agenda for Learning and Development center, which has truly recognized the needs of Somali youth to improve their writing techniques.

The majority of our Somali community is said to be illiterate and they need to improve their writing and reading skills. My expectations were high and this one-month-long blog writing training course had taught me all the skills related to writing. Before this training I was afraid to write something but after guidance from my instructors training, I finally joined the world of bloggers.

First and foremost, the reason why I joined the blog writing training was to be a blogger and to help me to create connections with other bloggers and also share knowledge and information. Also this blog writing training outcome will increase my writing career and get more followers on social media.

Writing blog posts is attractive in the sense that writers and people, in general, want the opportunity to share their experiences and feelings; blog posts allow them to do it easily and interactively and bloggers improve coordination and allow interaction to a far greater extent.

Also, the lessons I learned during the training were great lessons including what all about a blog, Blogpost, Good Blogpost, and various types of posts. As well as dealing with sensitive topics and how to choose an attractive topic and title, proofreading and how to be a committed blogger. Furthermore I learnt how to harness social media to promote my blog post and personal branding.

Finally, this training will be an eye-opening strategy for my growing performance and perceptions about writing and I will progressively be able to write longer, more accurate and more detailed reports. Blogging is a good way to improve your writing and reading skills as well as using a blog. I became aware of my usual mistakes, expanded my vocabulary, and became accustomed to writing in Somali and English blog posts. Furthermore, I would like to continue my writing and reading skills.


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  1. Abshir Mohamed Tifow says:

    Waa bogaadinaa in ay kuu soo dhamaatay courskan blog qorista waxaana rajaynaa in aan kaa faa’idaysan doono saaxiib

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